The Siders Series


A Touch Mortal


Getting involved with an angel, especially a half-Fallen one, might not have been Eden’s best idea. Still, she never thought a summer fling with Az would end up costing her mortality. 

Now, there's no way of telling what will happen when Eden's fingertips graze human skin. The power that builds inside her, Touch, strips away morals and logic. Some people only feel a high; others are overcome by their darkest thoughts. 

Worse, word's gotten around that her Touch can kill her own kind, a skill Luke and the Fallen are desperate to harness. The last thing Eden needs is the rumor to spread. Especially since it's true.

With the Fallen closing in, and loyalties in doubt, Eden must rely on the guy who broke her heart to keep it beating. Working with the Upstairs, Az is determined to defeat Luke and win back more than just Eden's loyalty. But Eden will be damned, literally, before she lets him off the hook that easily. 


A Touch Morbid


Eden saved Az. She went up against pure evil and won. 

But at what cost? 

With loyal friends suffering, and her chance at a future with Az disintegrating, new enemies are the last threat Eden needs. Especially with the Fallen after revenge. But when mortal paths start breaking apart, Eden knows the game has changed and all of humanity is now at stake. 

Kristen stayed out of the battle. She gave Eden the headstart she needed to save Az, and faced Gabriel’s wrath when he found out. All because she couldn’t chance her own secrets being exposed. Now, without intervention from Gabriel, madness slowly claims Kristen’s mind. When desperation forces Kristen to consider a path she swore she’d put behind her, her only hope rests with a temptation too wicked to resist a second time. Because the only one who can save her sanity, may cost her soul.

Be swept into the dark and haunting sequel to A Touch Mortal, a paranormal romance Publisher’s Weekly called “cryptic” and reviewers referred to as “smart and sexy” with an ending that leaves readers “dying for more!” 


A Touch Menacing


Angels want Eden dead. 

They’re calling for an extermination of her kind and she’s at the top of the list. A strange plague is unraveling mortal paths and granted, it’s the same plague that’s turning Eden to ash, but Heaven isn’t willing to wait. Eden’s never been afraid to fight--for Az, for her friends, for her very life. But with the Fallen on her heels and all the powers of the Bound crushing down on her, is there anyone left she can truly trust? 

It’s in the gray areas that heroes are made, in the spaces between life and death, good and evil. 

Heaven and Hell.  

What will Eden risk for the chance to be mortal again? What will she sacrifice for true love?  Who will make it to the dramatic conclusion of Leah Clifford’s epic trilogy alive? 


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