Vial Things


When the Resurrectionists of Fissure’s Whipp begin disappearing, eighteen-year-old Allie knows what the murderers are after. The genetic mutation found coursing through the veins of all those like her can heal wounds and even bring back the recently deceased. Throughout history, people have killed to get their hands on even a precious vial of Resurrectionist blood.

After being raised by her aunt when her parents’ lives are taken, Allie knows better than most that staying vigilant means staying alive. On her own for the first time, she'll need more than fighting skills and a sharp blade to survive. Allie will do whatever it takes, even going so far as to befriend a gutter punk with a heart of gold named Ploy who unwittingly trades a few nights a week on her couch in exchange for being a human tripwire to those who may come in the dark. 

But as Allie and Ploy's feelings for each other grow, and the looming threat seems to zero in on Allie, she must discover who is behind the horrific killings and stop them before she becomes their next victim.

Reviewers say:

" attention to these two, you're in for a roller coaster of a ride!" - Austine (NovelKnight) 

"Vial Things is a delicious, quick read, full of adventure and romance. It has all the right ingredients for what I enjoy: blood, magic, a snarky girl, and a boy with secrets." - Ashelynn of Ashelynn's Bookshelf

"...loved it right from the start!!! The pacing was great and the premise was fresh." - CM  

Available in paperback, e-book, & audio!

Vial Things #2


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ETA: late 2020

Vial Things #3


Updates to follow!